My nightly routine

Sure, it’s a little different every evening, but here’s the jist of what goes on in my house every night between me and the kids:

“Please stop throwing your underwear around and just put pants on!”

 *random fight about who put the toothpaste on someone’s toothbrush*

“Didn’t I already tell you to stop throwing the underwear?”

*squeal from Iman’s room as her brother walks in without knocking to complain about her lavish toothpaste application*

“Adam, that is NOT a nipple in your mouth, it’s called a canker!”

*runs to daddy complaining that I called his nipple a canker*

“will you put some pants on already?”

*comes for a drink of water 1 1/2 hours past bed time*

“Go to bed!”

*whines that he didn’t get a bed time snack*

“you did so have a bed time snack – you had cookies and milk!”

*stomps away to his room because the cookies and milk was apparently a dessert and not a bed time snack*

“Mom!  This nipple isn’t going away!!!”



………. and people wonder why I call myself Delusional.

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2 Responses to My nightly routine

  1. Flurge McDickerson says:

    By the sword of Athar!!!! I will avenge you!

  2. Dawn says:

    Hilarious…………….sounds very famliar LOL!

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