Let’s do a little Book Club!

I mentioned this on my fanpage, but realized – DUH…I ought to put it up here so that all of my fantastic followers can get the message before it’s too late.

I am doing an assignment based on a book all about the myth of the “good mom” – so far, I’m loving it.  Since I don’t want to mess up my school work by any sort of conflict of interest, so I’d like to start our little book club in July.  I know, it’s summer, there are holidays – it’s not that heavy of a read, and I don’t ask much when I do a book club (click here for a previous club) – as you can see, I pretty much just give my thoughts on it, and then whoever is following can comment on it…whether here on the blog, or on the fanpage.

So – here’s the link to the book for my American followers, and this is the link to Amazon Canada for my Canadian fans.

I’ll start my Review of Chapter 1 on July 1 (or maybe 2…we’ll see how life goes)

I’m looking forward to another discussion filled Book Club!


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3 Responses to Let’s do a little Book Club!

  1. Sea says:

    Looks good! So excited for this!

  2. Nancy says:

    This looks an interesting book. No way I could take part in it if you started now, but I will see where I am at in life closer to July.

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