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Friday Fun

Wow, I’d posted a pic on Instagram what seems like forever ago all excited because I’d made a plan (almost) for daily blogs. Yeah…the best laid plans, right?

So, I’m actually going to try. Previously, my posts have been very word heavy…so I’m going to try to just stick to my daily  mini themes and hope that it can inspire the writer’s bug in me that needs to get out.

Here’s the plan:

Mondays – Moving (health/exercise related stuff)
Tuesdays – Tasty (food!)
Wednesdays – WIP (stands for Work In Progress for whatever the current craft is)
Thursday – Thoughts (whatever’s on my mind)
Fridays – FUN (daycare stuff? my own fun?? whatever’s fun at that time!)
Saturdays – Shopping! (this is a stretch for me, as it’s not an activity I much enjoy!)
Sunday – family

So – on to Friday’s fun. I’m actually SO excited for this! I found an awesome website of a fellow Canadian Home Daycare Provider. She has amazing stuff in her back yard for the kids to do…and I’ve been planning on making my yard equally as fun for the last few years. It’s just that…well, I had a baby 2 years ago, then last year, I had an infant to try to work around.

THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR!  I have pallets that I’ve nabbed and am creating a water wall, a sand wall, a music (aka NOISY) wall and one that I’m going to fill with trinkets (latches, hooks, those door stops that make that awesome “twang” sound, etc).  I’ve got all the stuff for these and we (my mom’s helping me out with this) have just been waiting for appropriate weather to finish it all up. We thought we’d be done 2 weeks ago – but we had wicked, wicked wind (90+ km/hour) which isn’t exactly conducive to spray painting!

There are just a few things that I need to finish up to get the yard I’m really looking for.

  1. an old wheel barrow. It doesn’t need to function – I really just want a space to make a mud play area (yes, mud!!) that the kids can gather around to play in.
  2. some sort of way to put up a privacy/shade screen on my chain link fence. I’m thinking of the ones I’ve seen on apartment balconies.
  3. a bucket – I’m on the lookout for a fun/funky/farm style type of bucket
  4. some sort of outdoor flooring that’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg – and that won’t get HOT in the sun.

I’m so excited to get this done, I could pee! I can’t wait – once it’s done, I’ll post up pics, so keep an eye on my instagram or facebook 🙂


An Update on Me

Back in July, I posted this picture on my Instagram page.



It got a lot of people worried…so I thought I would fill in my health woes.  I’m not sure if you’ll remember, but back when I was pregnant, I was admitted to the hospital with strange stomach pain.  The doctors couldn’t decide if it was my gallbladder, an ulcer, or just a whiny pregnant lady.  I thought for sure it was my gallbladder.  I mean, I was in some serious pain – bad enough that I went to the hospital.  The doc told me to lay off coffee and left it at that.

It wasn’t the coffee.

Since the baby’s been born, I’ve been on and off with the crazy stomach pain.  I thought it was due to eggs – it seemed that every time I ate an egg, my stomach would go into terrible spasms.  I went to my Family Doctor who listened to me and ran a whole bunch of tests.  She sent me for allergy tests to see if the egg was an issue.  She sent me for a bunch of blood work to see if anything showed up there.  And she sent me for a CAT scat to see if, God Forbid, there were tumours.

Turns out that I’m not allergic to anything (yay!) and that, thank God, there are no tumours.  However, my blood test did show something.  I have Celiac’s Disease.

Now, before this diagnosis, I thought Celiac Disease was a fairy tale…that all this “gluten free” stuff I’d see was over kill.

Lord, how the tables have turned!

My stomach pain is real guys.  To me, it’s the equivalent of swallowing razor blades and then having labour-like contractions in your gut.  I get the brain fog (here I thought my inability to write my blogs was due to the loss of my muse…turns out, I couldn’t even physically think clear enough to string words together).  I felt like I was getting dumber and dumber by the moment…losing my ability to think things through.  Nope – Celiac Disease.  I also get this horrible itching, burning rash on my hands and legs.  Once it even came on my face.  Other issues include depression and thyroid problems.  All of these (and likely more) are due to Celiac’s Disease.

So – what is Celiac Disease?  “Celiac disease is a medical condition in which the absorptive surface of the small intestine is damaged by a substance called gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, triticale, barley. At present there is no cure, but celiac disease is readily treated by following the gluten-free diet.” (Canadian Celiac Foundation)

The solution is simple enough – don’t eat gluten.  Trouble is – it hides in a lot of things like Soya Sauce or even your face creams.  I’ve been avoiding it for about 3 weeks now – and though I know that there’s still a ways to go before I really start feeling well again – I can already tell if I’ve eaten something that’s got gluten in it.

So, take it from me guys – if someone you know is suffering from odd stomach pain – a simple blood test is all you need to diagnose this.  Avoiding gluten is relatively easy.   I know some people who still “gluten binge” every now and then…I don’t think I will be one of those people…the pain that I get is too much for me to take lightly.

Daily Cleaning List

Yesterday (like most days) I didn’t feel like doing my housework.  Seriously – who likes doing this stuff?  If you do, you’re sick and need help (or better yet, come and live with me).  Sure, I enjoy a clean house.  Yes, I like living in orderliness…but I truly hate doing it.  I believe that it’s a sign that I need a maid.  Mr. Delusional doesn’t share my opinion (well, I’m sure he shares the opinion of cleanliness, but not that I need a maid.  He has this strange opinion that I should be able to do everything myself – I know, WEIRD, huh?)

So I took my complaints to Facebook and declared that I was on strike.  A lot of you agreed with me.  A little while later, my mom comes on and nonchalantly declares “I have a schedule that would keep my house sparkling and my laundry always done. Really takes only 1/2 hour a day.” 

Really, Mom?  REALLY???

Now – I have to say that growing up our house was never really clean.  It wasn’t filthy– but was lived in.  A quick 10 minute clean would make it “company ready” but yeah…show home quality it was not.

Amazingly after my brother and I moved out, Mom developed a sense of style.  I mean…Her house looks like a page torn from a magazine.  I LOVE IT.  I want her to come and do some interior design work my house.  Why didn’t we have style like that back in the day??

Oh…right…because it was a house filled with kids.

Anyhow – so now, Mom has this gorgeous house…and a secret – She has a list on how to keep in clean with relatively little effort.

And she never shared it with me.  (I’m still trying to come to terms with this)

So I harassed her last night until she sent me the document.  Reading it over – it’s not some magical system that takes you from chaos to perfection.  You need to start with a (relatively) clean house and then just keep it up.

So – for your house cleaning pleasure – here is the Daily Chores list she’s made.  If you use it – let me know what you think.


Busy Week

My goal of a post a day is quickly failing…but it’s been an honest to God busy week here. The first Tuesday of the month is my big grocery shop day, Wednesday I can’t even remember what I did, and Thursday my kid got a Quad Helix put in and after that we had to rush to the school for parent-teacher interviews.

But – I’m going to go back to my grocery day.  It’s soothing for me to have a menu plan to follow and to know that my grocery budget is relatively stable (with the exception of shopping expeditions to Costco which is my second favourite store on earth next to Ikea – both places are easy to get lost in, both places offer food [Costco’s bonus is that it’s free samples] and both places you can blow a budget before you even blink).  Anyhow – my menus were planned, my list made and I set off for an evening of solitude grocery shopping.

While I publicly moan about grocery duty – I secretly relish in it.  Time alone, choosing things for my family – browsing over items and contemplating purchases that aren’t needed but might be worth a shot (this is usually the make-up isle).  This time, however, Iman wanted to come along with me.

She’s at that horrible stage of not being a grown up, but being too old to hang out with the littles at home.  So – along she came on my trip.  We browsed through yoghurt, frozen veg, canned soups…and though it didn’t seem like much of anything was really accomplished – I somehow felt we bonded.

Though it could have been the sushi.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before – but sometimes, on nights I’m really struggling to keep it together – I go out and grab some sushi – eating it in my car with my fingers while listening to blaring 90s music.  Sometimes I cry, sometimes not.  Often I just take a few moments to enjoy an uninterrupted meal. Then I hide the evidence toss everything in a trash bin, pop in a breath mint and head home.

I introduced Iman to the joy of Car Sushi.  It’s “our thing” now.


Not even a full week in and my goal of a daily post was missed.  The last Thursday of the month is always a busy day for me. It’s the day of finalizing all the paperwork needed for daycare (there’s a lot), battling traffic to get to my agency’s office (have I ever mentioned that the whole commute from my bed to my daycare room is a major, major, major bonus of having an in-home daycare??), usually some sort of training that happens before all the paycheques are handed out, then more traffic to get back home.  Last night also included a quick supper out (I was far too tired to cook) and a trip to the library.  By the time we got home, I didn’t even turn on my laptop, let alone think about opening up WordPress to blog.

So – here I am today and at a bit of a loss as to what to write about.  So – I’m thinking to do a quick poll.  I kind of did an impromptu one on my Facebook Page, but to be quite honest, I’m far too lazy to count out the votes…So let’s do a poll.   I’ll be revealing Baby Delusional’s gender on Monday around 4pm (mountain time)…let’s see what you all think it is.

Everyone asked me a bunch of questions in order to help people come up with an “educated opinion” so I’ll answer a lot of them here and you can all go crazy with your guess.

  • Cravings: fruits/veg (especially melons)  Sweets make me sick. Meat makes me gag.
  • Carrying – so far, it’s like a big old basketball right in the middle.  Not high or low.
  • Face – not fat (yet)
  • baby heartbeat – has been between 145-160 at each visit so far.
  • Chinese Gender Chart – tells me it’s a boy

Now go crazy and vote!  Sorry, no prize for the winners other than gloating.  😉

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Another baking post?

Looks like it – I’m not into “baking blogs” but…well, I’m just writing what I can right now.

You see – my dad’s been going downhill.  Thus – the tremendous amounts of cobwebs and dust over here on ye old blog.  Usually things like stress bring out the writer in me…this time, it’s blocked me up.  I’ve been having a hard time stringing coherent thoughts together.

Anyhow – I joined a cookie exchange like I have for the past few years.  It’s so much fun giving and getting.  So, this year, I’ve decided to make some Chewy Ginger Cookies.  They’re my stepmom’s recipe that I nabbed from her a few years ago – soft, chewy, sugary, and full of ginger.  They’re awesome.  After sharing a picture of some fresh from the oven ones on my Facebook Page, I was asked to share the recipe.  I thought I’d dust off the blog and post it here.

Chewy Ginger Cookies

1.5 cups margarine/butter
2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cloves
4-5 tsp ginger (depending on your taste)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
4 tsp baking soda
1 cup molasses
2 cups sugar
4.5 cups flour

Cream together first 10 ingredients.  Add flour and mix well.  Shape into balls, dip into sugar and place on cookie sheet (they spread – so leave a good 2″ or so).  Bake for 10-12 minutes at 350.

I doubled this recipe today when I made my cookies for the exchange.  I needed to bake 5 dozen for my exchange, plus some for family…after I doubled, I got down to the bit where I wrote in hand “Makes LOTS – bake only 1/2”

Yeah…With the recipe doubled I had 16 dozen cookies.

Summer Blog Challenge – What am I reading?

So I missed blogging last night – I had to go to a car seat safety course.  Good thing is – I know what I’m doing when it comes to car seat installation and use.  Bad thing is…I still had to take the 2 hour course and also wait while the instructors went through every vehicle and checked to be sure car seats were all up to date and properly installed.

So – This is yesterday’s post…done today.  😉

I don’t really have a story to tell, and not a whole lot interesting is happening in my life lately … so I thought I’d go with another suggestion: Books!  Oh how I love books.

Someone sadly recommended to Mary that she ought to read the Twilight series.  Please people…don’t do this.  I had issues with everything about the books from pretty much every corner…The Oatmeal sums up my thoughts on it quite succinctly.  I know my thoughts on Twilight are unpopular, but hey…I’m not here for a popularity contest (actually, yes I am, but let’s pretend, okay?)

So – Desperate for something worth reading – Mary asked my advice.  Mary, I’m sorry that this has been put off so long, but here’s my list of books that I love:

  1. To kill a Mocking Bird – I absolutely love this book and think that everyone should read it…and digest it…and read it again and again.  Sad that it’s still relevant today (which is why we need to keep reading it)
  2. The Stand – Another book that I love and have read over and over, and worn out the book so bought a new one and read it over and over.  I know all the characters, and I know how the story goes and yet I still continually read this book. (warning, some rather graphic content – but it’s Stephen King, so don’t be surprised)
  3. The Green Mile – the movie is excellent and closely follows the book, but do yourself a favor and read the book. (again, some graphic content)
  4. Shawshank Redemption – what I said about The Green Mile. Read the book (Stephen King…if you don’t expect some graphic content by now, you need to shake your head)
  5. The Wheel of Time – This is a fantasy novel series.  If you’re not into reading many books from an author – you won’t like this.  The first book was given to me way back in 1995.  My friend had ripped of the cover as he knew I wouldn’t even think of reading a “fantasy” novel.  It’s now one of my favorites and I’m looking to build my complete collection of them.  Magic, trolls, sword fights, good, evil…and more.  I think it’s much better than Lord of the Rings (yes, I know I just lost more popularity points there) … but I found the LOTR series to be dull and boring (wow, I can hear you all dropping like flies!) – the WOT series is so much more interesting to me.
  6. The Hunger Games – I bought this and read it before passing it onto my kids (I didn’t want them to read garbage like Twilight) and was quite impressed with this.  I think it offers great opportunity to talk about politics, morals, and world issues.  I found that the writing could have been better – but then, I’m comparing a book aimed at pre-teens/teens to adult literature.  Considering its target audience, it’s excellent.
  7. The Outlander Series – My aunt recommended these to me a while back and I just kept putting it off for one reason or another.  I’d read a summary of the first book and thought I wouldn’t like it.  When faced with nothing to read while I waited for the next book on the list to arrive, I chose the first book of the series and I’m hooked.  I’ll quote from her website as to what the books are about, “history, warfare, medicine, sex, violence, spirituality, honor, betrayal, vengeance, hope and despair, relationships, the building and destruction of families and societies, time travel, moral ambiguity, swords, herbs, horses, gambling (with cards, dice, and lives), voyages of daring, journeys of both body and soul…”  I’m currently over halfway through the 3rd book and am hooked.  I should mention – the sex in the book is…uh…well…detailed.  Fair warning.
  8. A Game of Thrones – I’m not sure how many books are in this series, and should mention that I have NOT watched the tv series…but WOW.  I like this book!  I’ve only read the first and am on the wait list for the second…again, fantastic.  This one has dragons, magic, spirituality, wars, clashes, sex, sex, and sex… And be warned…there’s a lot of sibling on sibling action. *shudder*

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head…but what’s on my list of things I’m going to read?  There’s more…but yeah.

  1. The Godfather
  2. I Shall Not Hate – I’ve heard fantastic things of this and can’t wait to pick it up from the library
  3. Wheat Belly
  4. Joyland
  5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  6. 419
  7. And the Mountains Echoed

What books do you love?

Summer Blog Challenge – Day 4

I’ve got an hour and 20 minutes to get this in on time…and I can’t think of anything to write about in that time.  Our day was busy (which was unplanned for me) – as we had to stop at the bank and open accounts for the kids.  Do you know how long it takes to open accounts?  A stupid amount of time.  STUPID.  And the information they need?  “does he live rent free?”

He’s 5.  What do they expect, we’re going to make a 5 year old pay rent??

Anyhow – then we spent much too long wandering around Costco.  I have a secret love affair with Costco – there’s nothing better than a store that rewards you with food for shopping there.  It’s like a real life, current day Pavlov’s Dog thing going on over there.

After getting home and putting away groceries – I felt like doing nothing (and did it well, I might add) – No laundry, no house work, no preparing for tomorrow’s family BBQ out at Elk Island, not even supper. But whatever.  Doing nothing takes and incredible amount of work and time – and the next thing I knew, it was 11 pm and I had a whole lot of things to do (blogging being one of them)…and so…here’s my tidbit about today.

I’m off to prepare my kebabs for tomorrow’s picnic…if you’re there, say hi!  I may even go for a run along one of the paths…I won’t stop if I’m in the middle of it, but feel free to join me.  I’ll try to post the location and time on my facebook page.

Summer Blog Challenge – day 2

So I asked for suggestions – and though I got some neat topic ideas from twitter, I’m going to answer the questions that I got through DM and in the comments portion of yesterday’s post.   It seems you people are really curious about my daycare.

I’ve been running my home daycare since the fall of 2005 (yes, I’m coming up on my 8 year anniversary!)  Over those years, I have had a wide variety of experiences ranging all the way through good and bad.

So question from Amy: How you handle and feel about parents who send a treat for their child only, and parents who send their child to care without breakfast/ or they send the breakfast with the child for you to give them.

I’m pretty stern when it comes to this. Let’s break it down into bits:  If a parent sends their child with a treat – the treat (or toy – because I’ve got no time to deal with lost toys from home amidst the thousands of toys I have here already) – it simply goes into their cubby and is sent home at the end of the day.  Parents get the hint pretty quickly…if not – no skin off my back if the child eats their special treat at home.

As for breakfasts – In the contract that the parents sign, it clearly indicates that children are to be fed their breakfasts before they come.  I get that everyone has “those days” and there are times that a child arrives still munching on half a bagel or whatever.  They sit at the table, finish their breakfast and wash up to get on with the day.  In the event that a child doesn’t have breakfast…this hasn’t happened in a while – but we usually get right into things (playing) and I’ll sneak our morning snack in little earlier than normal.

Helen had a series of questions:  Is there demand for Muslim childminders? Equally, if you care for children who don’t have Muslim parents- how was this? (she had more, but I clipped it)

Is there demand for Muslim providers?  Yes.  Am I highly in demand by Muslim families?  Not necessarily.  I’ve found that most Muslim families here try to find other family to take care of their children, or are looking for someone who speaks Arabic.  I can’t fulfill that request. 😉

In 8 years, I’ve only had 1 Muslim family – and the child is only here for temporary summer care.  All of my other families have been Christian (practicing or not).  They’ve all been wonderful.  I was seriously worried (especially after 9-11) that there would be issues, but it was unfounded.  Have I faced bigotry?  Yes – but when I sense it during an interview – the family doesn’t get further than the interview process.  I let people know upfront that I’m Muslim (duh – it know it’s kinda obvious!), and I let them know that the kids will likely see me pray, though I don’t ever teach them.  Most people get it…some people don’t and those families usually don’t go beyond the interview.  Over all – the families that I do take on are warm and loving – and often become friends by the time their children grow out of care.

Life is a Verb Book Club – Introduction

I read books a lot.  I like, and sometimes even love many of the books I read.  It’s rare, however, that I read an introduction to a book and am moved to tears.  This is what happened when I read Patti Digh’s Life is a Verb.


The book is basically about living as if your time is limited.  I know – not an unusual thought – I mean, how many of us are immortal?  Not anyone that I know!  Anyhow – rather than just just living, she talks about embracing life and making each day count.  Ironically, this is easier said than done.

In her introduction to the book, she talks about how you need to carry around a pencil to read the book.  She explains that you need to use the generous space in the margins to reflect on what you’ve read – and how this is an example of what we need to do in our lives.

Instead of a book what if we’re actually writing (or not writing) in the margins of our lives?What if our lives are books? What is the sign of our presence?  Are we pressing into the margins our interpretations and questions?  Are we circling offending verbs and drawing furious arrows to the margin where we scrawl “irony,” “frustration,” “voiceless,” “unfair!”  Or do we simply turn the pages, passively receiving what’s given, furiously disagreeing but remaining silent about it?
– page ix, Life is a Verb

I read that and was stunned into silence.  I remember we were driving along a busy section of road in the city, Mr.D cursing at other drivers, the kids in the back fighting – and yet somehow, everything stopped.  Those words sung so true into my soul…am I really just a bystander in my own life?  Am I living passively?  Is life happening to me, or am I living it?  Sadly, I know the answers to all of these questions, and I’m not happy with them.

As you continue to read the introduction you’ll see that she talks about how she tells a story with the intention of making the reader to reflect on what that story means to them.  She follows up these stories with two challenges – a Do It Now challenge which is intended to immediately reinforce the story.  These are typically prompted writing challenges where she encourages the reader to “stop thinking and write” and are limited to just 10 minutes.  Following that – she has what she calls Movement Challenges which she describes as challenges that “…are designed to be things you can dip into, come back to later, try out, practice over time.” (page xiii, Life is a Verb)

Since the Movement Challenges are meant as a long-term reflection, and the Action Challenges are more about our guttural reactions and may not be something we want to share with the whole blogosphere…what I’m asking of readers is to talk about what they are comfortable with.  Mainly – what did you think of this story?  Did it cause you to stop and think about how you’re living?  Are you going to be making changes?

I think that as each story comes up, these questions may differ.  I don’t want to be a Book Club Power Lord – I’ll ask questions as I read each story and complete the challenges – but please feel free to chime in with your own questions and thoughts.  I think this is better to be a dialogue rather than a simple question/answer type thing.

I’m hoping to write 2 blogs/week – the stories are very short (some are even just 1 page) and as I said, the challenges are only supposed to take 10 minutes.  I don’t want to overload with book club stuff though.

I’m still planning on starting this book club on May 1st.  For those of you who already have the book – please go ahead and read the introduction all the way to page 14.  We’ll start our conversation with a simple review of all that, and go on with the challenges in the following week.  I’m hoping to posts on Mondays and Thursdays – which should give everyone plenty of time to read, write and reflect.  One little story for each posting.  Please feel free to post your thoughts here, or on my Facebook Page…or if you happen to see me out and about – chat with me about your experiences then!