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Friday Fun

Wow, I’d posted a pic on Instagram what seems like forever ago all excited because I’d made a plan (almost) for daily blogs. Yeah…the best laid plans, right?

So, I’m actually going to try. Previously, my posts have been very word heavy…so I’m going to try to just stick to my daily  mini themes and hope that it can inspire the writer’s bug in me that needs to get out.

Here’s the plan:

Mondays – Moving (health/exercise related stuff)
Tuesdays – Tasty (food!)
Wednesdays – WIP (stands for Work In Progress for whatever the current craft is)
Thursday – Thoughts (whatever’s on my mind)
Fridays – FUN (daycare stuff? my own fun?? whatever’s fun at that time!)
Saturdays – Shopping! (this is a stretch for me, as it’s not an activity I much enjoy!)
Sunday – family

So – on to Friday’s fun. I’m actually SO excited for this! I found an awesome website of a fellow Canadian Home Daycare Provider. She has amazing stuff in her back yard for the kids to do…and I’ve been planning on making my yard equally as fun for the last few years. It’s just that…well, I had a baby 2 years ago, then last year, I had an infant to try to work around.

THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR!  I have pallets that I’ve nabbed and am creating a water wall, a sand wall, a music (aka NOISY) wall and one that I’m going to fill with trinkets (latches, hooks, those door stops that make that awesome “twang” sound, etc).  I’ve got all the stuff for these and we (my mom’s helping me out with this) have just been waiting for appropriate weather to finish it all up. We thought we’d be done 2 weeks ago – but we had wicked, wicked wind (90+ km/hour) which isn’t exactly conducive to spray painting!

There are just a few things that I need to finish up to get the yard I’m really looking for.

  1. an old wheel barrow. It doesn’t need to function – I really just want a space to make a mud play area (yes, mud!!) that the kids can gather around to play in.
  2. some sort of way to put up a privacy/shade screen on my chain link fence. I’m thinking of the ones I’ve seen on apartment balconies.
  3. a bucket – I’m on the lookout for a fun/funky/farm style type of bucket
  4. some sort of outdoor flooring that’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg – and that won’t get HOT in the sun.

I’m so excited to get this done, I could pee! I can’t wait – once it’s done, I’ll post up pics, so keep an eye on my instagram or facebook 🙂


Daily Childcare Report (Product Review)

I have to share this awesome site with you…I don’t care if you run a childcare center, a family childcare home, or bring your child to one – I’m telling you – you need to use this (or tell your caregiver about it so that you can!). I am not being compensated for this review – I just love this product so much, I feel that every childcare provider should have it!

Let me just set the stage for you – from a provider’s perspective:

I have 6 kids here from 6 different families.  These kids all range in age from 0-12 years.  All day long we do a variety of activities and crafts and eat our meals.  I plan on taking them on a Field Trip to (random place) and now I have to nag each family to sign a permission slip.

Meanwhile, as my day goes on – I have to prepare the meals and snacks, ensure that everything is clean and sanitary, remember to tell Little Johny’s mom that he is developing a bit of a diaper rash, tell Sally’s grandma that she’s has been tugging at her hear all day (possible ear infection?) and not to forget to ask Mary’s dad about her pickup schedule for the following week.

While I’m doing all of that, I also have to write out – by hand – every where we went, everything we did, and everything we ate.  You can bet that by the time the 3rd of 4th report – my writing is illegible.

Then there’s the chaos of pickup time.  Mom is thinking that she forgot to pull out the meat for dinner, so now she’s going to have to figure something else out for dinner.  Dad is worried about leaving here with his kid so that he can get to the school to pick up the other one on time.  A thousand other worries are running through parents’ heads as I try to give them the low down on what went on that day, bundle a kid into his coat/shoes, jam a piece of paper into the parents hand (hoping that I’m giving the right paper to the right parent) and trying to get them to initial the sign-out sheet while I’ve got 5 other kids pandering for attention in the background.

This is not an unusual day for a childcare provider.  Notes sent home often end up crumpled in the back seat of the car.  Rushed conversations between myself and the parent are quickly forgotten.  Chaos ensues.

Enter the DailyChildcareReport.


Now my day looks pretty much the same – but instead of having to fill out 6 different reports, I am putting notes into my DailyChildcareReport.  Checking off if a child needs a change of clothes, more diapers, or if a parent needs to sign something.  The foods served, and how much the child ate are completed with a click.  Same thing for naps, mood, and diaper changes (right down to the consistency of the stool!).  It takes me less than 5 minutes to fill out a complete report.

There’s a section where I can type a quick note to the parents about their child – knowing that it will be legible, and is going to the right guardian is great!  Parents can even have it set up to go to aunts, uncles, grandparents…whoever they like.

And how does the parent get their child’s info?  Through an email or text that’s sent automatically at the end of the day!  Simple, quick, easy.

My brain is no longer fried.  I’m no longer telling kids “just a minute hun, I have to write this down for mommy to read….sorry baby, just another few minutes, now I have to write a note for Emily’s mom…”  Now, I get to say “You built a tower? Awesome, let me come take a picture!”

Oh – and speaking of pictures – you can attach pictures, video and PDF documents for parents to see.

I love DailyChildcareReport, and I love that I can contact Christian, the creator, if I have a question, comment, idea for improvement…whatever I need – and he’ll reply within 24 hours.  So, what does it cost?  Free for parents it’s free and for providers, it’s a whopping $3.12 per child (and it’s a tax write off!)

I would never go back to any other way of communication with parents.  This works, works well, and I find that my parents are more involved now that I use this than they ever were before.

Click on the site – and scroll down to the bottom where they have a YouTube video explaining the process.

Best of all – you can try it for FREE for the first 30 days.  What’s better than free??