Someone bring me something pretty…I deserve it today

Poop. It happens. I’ve had enough kids to have dealt with more than my share. Also – it’s a part of the job I have.

But in all my years of butt changing – I have never had to deal with the child who plays with the poop. You know the one, you see pictures of poop smeared on walls, toys, cribs, bedding…it’s nasty. And then God gave me Ibrahim.

I *thought* I was giving him a few extra moments to finish…uh…depositing. Little did I know that he was withdrawing. Absolutely disgusting. His little “exploration” has left me with a small pile of toys to clean and sanitize, the wall and carpet to scrub, his clothes to wash…and my own socks, pants and shirt….it was everywhere.




To all the mamas, papas, and caregivers out there that have had to deal with this…You deserve an award. Something big. Something Shiny. Something filled with chocolate or caffeine. Something encrusted with diamonds. Anything to take away the memory of what you just dealt with.

Also – if you managed to clean it up without gagging, You get a sticker too.


2 thoughts on “Someone bring me something pretty…I deserve it today”

  1. I will NEVER forget when my son did this. It was only once. Thankfully. But that was all it took….

    He was quite the Picasso. I had to call my mommy.

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