I’m in the hospital

I thought it would be easiest to update everyone here rather than on facebook where things often get lost amidst postings of “like this to win”, game requests, and the latest drama with that one strange friend we all keep but arent really sure why.

Also, I’m posting this from my phone which likes to change random words to jibberish for no good reason (its latest thing is to change “not” to “jot”)
So please forgive any weird spelling you may see.

So I woke up this morning with a funky feeling belly…I wont go into details, but suffice it to say that the toilet came in handy. I thought that was the end of it. Made myself a cup of coffee and went on with my day.

I’d only had about 1/4 cup of my coffee when my tummy started aching again. Not labour pains…something much deeper than that. I shifted positions, I got up and walked around for a bit, I debated eating breakfast…but decided not to in case I threw up. It was a weird sort of pain that had me guessing if things were going to ferociously empty up or down.

After about an hour, I gave up and tried going back to bed. Couldnt sleep though – the pain was too intense.

I got back up and thought the pain was due to lack of food (I’d last eaten at dinner the night before). Before I could even contemplate what to eat, the pain intensified and moved into my back. Again, I tried to patiently to wait it out thinking it was something that just needed to move through my guts.

Eventually I gave up. The pain was just too much. I had Mr D take me to the hospital.

Because im pregnant I was quickly admitted to be sure it wasnt labour (it wasn’t) and they did a fetal heart/contraction monitor to be sure. I wasnt allowed any pain meds…but was given some water which I tentatively sipped at.

They took blood work to check for liver issues – came back good. They poked and prodded and hummed and hawed. Finally, they suspected (as I had) that my gallbladder was acting up. I was no longer allowed food/drink. They gave me morphine for the pain (oh the sweet relief) and had me wait some more. OB comes in and checks things out – they want to avoid sutgery if possible…she gets opinion of the surgeon on call who wants me kept overnight for observation. Still not allowed food/water.

I’m to get an ultrasound first thing in the morning to check the gallbladder…if that shows nothing, I’m to have (I forget what they called it so I’ll just describe it) a camera shoved down my throat to peek around the inside of my stomach.

Surgery is a likeky possibility at this point. I’m told that I’m at a “good point” in pregnancy for this as I’m not too early to risk misscarriage/preterm labour, and not too far in where baby/uterus would be in the way.

So, thats where things stand right now. I’m very tired and going tobtry to get some sleep now if I can. Please keep me and Baby Delusional in your thoughts and prayers.

Peace & Love

4 thoughts on “I’m in the hospital”

  1. Oh my goodness!!
    I had my gall bladder removed. I came out just fine lol The pain was cutesy before they removed it and I wasn’t pregnant. I can’t imagine! I know you will be just fine as well but so stressful. I’m sorry
    Your in my thoughts for strength, speedy healing and health 🙂

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