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A Worm Farm!

Some of my favourite memories as a child involved playing in the mud. Squishing it between my toes, making mud pies, or digging in it. I absolutely loved it.

This weekend while I started some pretty massive yard work, part of which involved moving some bricks that had been separating my garden area from my yard. It was hot, and the work was harder than my lazy self thought it was going to be. I pulled up one brick and noticed the fat end of a worm working his way down to dirt.

That was the end of the yard work. I suddenly had a flash back to a daycare idea I had Рcreating a Worm Farm. A way for kids to study what it is that worms do and how they do it.  I spent the next few hours with Ibrahim digging in the dirt in search of worms.

Fast forward to this morning where I had everything I needed to set up this little experiment.

We started off by putting a layer of rocks in the bottom of a clear vase. The rocks are supposed to help with air circulation…or something like that. I don’t know…I just put them there.


Next, I put alternate layers of dirt and sand – this is so that (eventually) the kids will be able to see how the worms mix the soil up.


We topped it off with some finely chopped banana peel (worms need to eat you know!) and our worms.


After we checked it out and made a few observations, we covered it in black construction paper. Why? Because worms generally don’t like the light and would burrow into the center of the vase and now let us see what they’re doing! By covering the vase, they will (hopefully) stay closer to the edges and we can study their movements over the next few days/weeks. ūüôā


There are Vampires in the Closet

I’m sure you all remember being a child and being terrified of the Monster Under the Bed…I had one of those too. ¬†I remember running in the hallway, leaping towards my bed when I reached my doorway, and tucking my legs up as high as possible to prevent his hairy hand from grabbing me. ¬†You see, he’d eat me…drag me under the bed and leave nothing but bones.

Like most of you, I wouldn’t sleep with any part of my body hanging over the edge. ¬†Are you kidding me?? ¬†Once the lights were out, that dude was able to come out from under the bed! ¬†(don’t ask me why the top of my bed had magical properties to keep me safe – it just did, okay?)

To this day, I won’t let my foot hang over the edge. ¬†I know I’m not the only one…I may be the only one to¬†admit¬†it, but I’m not the only one who still has that little voice in the back of their head saying “be careful, he’ll get you!”

However, my fear wasn’t just limited to that Monster Under the Bed…I also had Vampires in the Closet. ¬†No way in H-E double hockey sticks was I going to sleep with my closet door open! ¬†Mr. D laughed at me when we first got married because our closet door was one of those sliding ones, and it wouldn’t close to the wall, always leaving a gap of an inch or so…and I would try and try to close it. ¬†“What’s the big deal?” he’d say. I would turn to him and say “Vampires – are you crazy!! ¬†There are VAMPIRES in there!” (true story! — and it’s not just circumstance that the remodel of my bedroom included removing the whole closet!)

Anyhow – back when I was young…let’s say 5 or 6 years old…I’m not sure, maybe my mom will comment on this post and clarify…back then, my dad used to travel a lot for work. ¬†When Dad was gone, it was an unspoken rule that I got to sleep in bed with Mom.

So – one night, after many a glass of water, after many stories read, after God-only-knows how many excuses, my mom had had enough. ¬†I remember her saying “Heather, you go to sleep¬†right now!” ¬†(really, was it too much for her to drop everything and come lay in bed with me until I fell asleep?? ¬†lol)

I lay there in the dark, knowing that there was no Monster Under this Bed…and slowly started to drift off to sleep…then I heard a noise in the closet.

*scritch, scritch, scritch* at the closet door.

I called for my mom, but she was having none of it.

*scritch, scritch, scritch* it came again…and then the door shuddered.

I lost it. ¬†Completely and totally lost it. ¬†I screamed and called for mom. ¬†She came in (angry) and said “What now?!”

“There’s a vampire in the closet!” I replied tearfully.

“Oh, Heather,” she angrily replied, “there’s nothing in here at all!”

I begged to differ! ¬†“Really, Mom, there is! ¬†There’s a vampire in there! ¬†I heard it!”

So…Mom opened the door – “See!” she said, “there’s nothing in here at all!”

Just then, out walked our cat…she’d been trapped in the closet and had been scratching and pushing at the door to try to get out.

I screamed. ¬†My mom nearly jumped out of her skin…and the cat…well, she just looked at us as if to say,¬†“it’s about time!” and sauntered out of the room.


My Light Bulb Moment

The following story is true, and I take no responsibility for any of you who stupidly do as I did.  

Also…mom and dad…not sure if I told you this story…brace yourselves.


This all happened one day back in Jr. High…I’m guessing grade 8, but I really can’t recall. ¬†I’m old. ¬†Forgive me.

Anyhow – the science teacher was teaching us all about open and closed¬†circuits¬†and I was rather fascinated. ¬†(By the way – did you know that my kid in grade 5 has learned this stuff? ¬†What were we doing back in grade 5…hand writing, I think). ¬†I was so fascinated by the whole open circuit thing that I went home and read up on it. ¬†I read the text, I re-read my notes. ¬†I may or may not have even rewrote¬†my notes. (hey, I am a geek…give me a break!)

So I began to think of all the circuits in the house…and contemplate on how I could experiment with these circuits. ¬†Suddenly, I had an idea….you could call it my “light bulb moment.” ¬†Since electricity travels in circuits, I was going to stick my finger into the socket of my bedside lamp, hold the bulb in my other hand, flick the switch, and watch the bulb light up.

I know, the brilliance in my plan was astounding. ¬†Also – can you tell that I was a latchkey kid? (that was quite normal back in the day — uh…being a latchkey kid…not electrocuting yourself to death)

The big moment came…I carefully sat myself on the edge of my bed…stuck my finger into that lamp, carefully – oh so carefully – placed the tip of my finger on the metal end of the bulb…took a deep breath and flicked the switch.

Image courtesy of

The next thing I knew, my mother was calling me for dinner…I think she came into my room and said something like “What? Taking a nap? Get up and eat supper before it gets cold!”

I didn’t mention a word of my experiment to anyone. ¬†Not a soul. ¬†I survived…that’s about all I can say, and looking back now – it’s a bloody miracle that I did!

I do still wish I could remember if the bulb lit up though.