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A Worm Farm!

Some of my favourite memories as a child involved playing in the mud. Squishing it between my toes, making mud pies, or digging in it. I absolutely loved it.

This weekend while I started some pretty massive yard work, part of which involved moving some bricks that had been separating my garden area from my yard. It was hot, and the work was harder than my lazy self thought it was going to be. I pulled up one brick and noticed the fat end of a worm working his way down to dirt.

That was the end of the yard work. I suddenly had a flash back to a daycare idea I had Рcreating a Worm Farm. A way for kids to study what it is that worms do and how they do it.  I spent the next few hours with Ibrahim digging in the dirt in search of worms.

Fast forward to this morning where I had everything I needed to set up this little experiment.

We started off by putting a layer of rocks in the bottom of a clear vase. The rocks are supposed to help with air circulation…or something like that. I don’t know…I just put them there.


Next, I put alternate layers of dirt and sand – this is so that (eventually) the kids will be able to see how the worms mix the soil up.


We topped it off with some finely chopped banana peel (worms need to eat you know!) and our worms.


After we checked it out and made a few observations, we covered it in black construction paper. Why? Because worms generally don’t like the light and would burrow into the center of the vase and now let us see what they’re doing! By covering the vase, they will (hopefully) stay closer to the edges and we can study their movements over the next few days/weeks. ūüôā



I’m going to do a little series of posts in which I take a stroll down memory lane…recalling some of the fun, scary, gross, and just plain jaw-dropping moments from my past. (nothing quite as¬†stupidly¬†scary as when I did the light-bulb test, but … well…yeah, that’s hard to top)

Thanks to my friend Tammy for letting me use her beautiful maternity shot!

This was back in 2003, I was living in Saudi and very pregnant with my middle son. ¬†At this time, I was living in Riyadh, and though I didn’t like the city as much as the previous place I’d lived (Khobar – it was so beautiful there!) the OBGYN I had was great, and the hospital I eventually delivered in was awesome – they had a¬†menu. ¬†I ordered a burger and fries with a root beer on the side. ¬†How awesome is that – in a hospital?

Anyhow – this was prior to my delivery…I’m going to guess I was about 30 weeks. ¬†I was large enough that there was no possible way to mistake my pregnancy as being a rotund woman. ūüėČ ¬†So there I was, large and pregnant and sitting in the hallway of the medical clinic as I waited for my OB appointment. ¬†As women do, I crossed my legs as I waited. ¬†Mr. D was walking my daughter (who will now be known on the blog as “Chili Bean” it’s her real -life new nick-name that she earned for her recent “just chill, Mom” oft repeated phrase) Anyhow – as I sat there, nurses passed by, rushing from one place to another. ¬†One nurse passed by me and shook her head…

I didn’t think anything of it.

A few minutes later, she passed buy again, slowing down, glaring and shaking her head.

I didn’t really pay any more attention than the first time.

A third time, she passed and this time she stopped. ¬†She turned to me and blurted out, “Don’t you know that when your legs are crossed THE BABY CAN’T BREATHE?!?!”

At first, I was shocked. ¬†I was waiting for the guy from Candid Camera to come around the corner laughing with his famous, “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!” ¬†but he never showed.

I replayed what she said in my head, and I started to giggle, which grew to a snicker, and then to a laugh….and she got even more upset. ¬†“Don’t you understand? ¬†The baby can’t get any oxygen when you sit like that! ¬†OPEN YOUR LEGS!!”

So, I slowly uncrossed my legs and spaced my knees a few inches apart Рand wiped away my tears of laughter.  My belly shook as I tried, unsuccessfully, to restrain my giggles.

“Ha,” she sniffed, “that’s better.” ¬†And she ran off to wherever it was she was going.

I was still laughing as I finally got in to see the OB and we had a jolly old laugh together, but all I want to know is where the heck did this woman go to school??