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Gone is my inspiration.  Don’t know where it went.  I want desperately to write something filled with wit and humor, but all I can do is stare at that blinking cursor.  My mind doesn’t want to let go of the … Continue reading

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Ever have one of those days?

The kind of day when you plan for things to go one way, but then life takes a turn for the crapper?  Kids fight, breakfast burns, files don’t save, pictures are lost, tears are shed.   Yeah.  I’m having that … Continue reading

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My nightly routine

Sure, it’s a little different every evening, but here’s the jist of what goes on in my house every night between me and the kids: “Please stop throwing your underwear around and just put pants on!”  *random fight about who … Continue reading

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Last night I had the most fabulous dream.  I was scuba diving in a warm, beautiful ocean.  There were fish and fantastic sea life everywhere.  It was glorious.  I floated and looked and swam and reveled in the beauty surrounding … Continue reading

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