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Therapy Sessions

When I write, it is for therapeutic purposes, though it may be interesting, funny, or offending – the main reason behind me picking up a pen plunking away at my key board is to get whatever’s bothering me out.  I need to … Continue reading

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The Pasta War

There’s a certain someone in my family who doesn’t like it when I write blog posts about him – so let’s just call him…uh…Mr. Delusional (and that’s oh so fitting for this post) Mr. Delusional is a little picky with … Continue reading

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Major Vent/Rant

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.  Everything is making me grumpy and I don’t even know why, so…some of the thoughts that cross my mind today will be vented out here…please tell me I’m not … Continue reading

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A little friendly waxing advice…

I’m going to tell you a story, it’s all true (and may be a bit of a PG 13 thing) – but I have to give you a little background info first.  Some of this will include a bit about … Continue reading

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Momtuition strikes again!

You know how you have that “momtuition” that lets you know when something’s just not right with your kid?  Well, it was blaring at me this morning.  I woke up, cleaned up my daycare room – and it stayed clean. … Continue reading

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